VIP Packages

VIP packages
VIP - High class wine or champagne and delicious chocolates for only PLN 99.00
VIP + Includes VIP package and room decoration (rose petals and scented candles or birthday banner and balloons) for only PLN 199.00
VIP ++ Includes the VIP + package and a relaxing massage at a SPA clinic for two for only PLN 299.00

Massage Add-on

  • Relaxing massage for two                                               30 min. PLN 80.00,      60 min. PLN 140.00     2x 60min for only PLN 260.00
  • Classic (Swedish)massage for two                                30 min. 85.00 zlotys,   60 min. PLN 150.00     2x 60min for only PLN 280.00
  • Aromatherapy for two                                                     30 min. PLN 80.00,      60 min. PLN 140.00     2x 60min for only PLN 260.00
  • Therapeutic (Healthy) massage for two                     30 min. 90.00 zlotys,   60 min. PLN 160.00     2x 60min for only PLN 300.00
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Fantastic opportunity to get yourself skills for life and experience that you will never forget. 
Get your hands on one and only, a must have and an epic guns such as AK47, fully automatic AR Shotgun and a CZ-P09 9mm semi-auto gun. 
Feel the devastating power within your grasp and gain memories to share.

You will be taken by our experience instructor to the shooting range to demolish special targets and to empty couple of magazines.
We do not just giving you  5 shots each like some other do. We are letting you go mad with ammunition you spend. the end of the day we can always get you a refill  :-)

Basic package for Shotgun and a gun cost only 199,00 złoty per person*
Basic+ is with AK47, BR99 and CZ-P09 is 280,00 złoty

You can get an extra ammo upon request, please let us know before hand if you need any of the following:
  1. 9mm is 80 złoty per 50 rounds
  2. 12G is 70 złoty per 25 shells
  3. 7,62x39 is 2 złoty per round

*minimum of two people
Shooting Packages
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