As you may expect Maryacki apartment not only is located in the centre of the Krakow's universe but also it is sharing some of it age. As a result some equipment like boiler may from time to time need some soft touch to help it work (bring back the hot water)
We will show you what to do if it's a time to just that :-)
If your water is cold it means that the "crossed flame" light is glowing red.

  1. Turn the bottom knob to the flame position and hold it there for 3 seconds
  2. put it back to "tap" position
  3. your "crossed flame" light should go off now
  4. Boiler is ready to work for you again
  5. It should now look like in the following piture...
All done! Just give it 40 minutes before checking if water temperature is fine.
In terms of bath water, just make sure you do not set the taps to full position but only half way. This will allow enough time to heat up the water.